Unwind Naturally with Chamomile Tea

A warm glass of milk helped Adam Sandler’s grandmother go to sleep in the movie Happy Gilmore, but does it work for everyone experiencing trouble sleeping? Of course not. Chamomile tea is one option. Try drinking a cup 30 to 45 minutes before bed and you just might find a solution to catching some z’s.

Chamomile is an herb that comes from the daisy family and has been used to create teas for centuries. Its active ingredient is an essential oil known as bisabolol. People experiencing insomnia, stomach problems, and anxiety will find that chamomile tea is incredible! Some tea brands include lavender with chamomile, because of its soothing effect that works very well together as a calming tea.

Benefits I have gained by drinking chamomile with lavender tea

  1. Deeper and more restful sleep
  2. Relaxation
  3. Eased menstrual cramps
  4. Less anxiety

Please read warning and side effect labels and understand that too much of any natural herb is not recommended.

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10 Year Anniversary of 9/11

Remembering 9/11 as Americans means asking yourself this question, “where was I when the twin towers came down, on the morning of 9/11”? A popular question forever held as the intro to a reflective conversation. It is unimaginable to have lost a loved one to the tragedies of that day, but for roughly 2,900 families the loss was real. Tonight during President Obama’s proposal for reducing the unemployment rate, it was revealed, to no surprise, that AIqueda terriorist group is planning an attack against the US on Sunday. The10 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Many Americans lost their lives in back in September 2001 and we as Americans have memorialized those who have passed in ceremonies, a memorial on the trade center site, and prayer services in the years that followed. Let’s all continue to pray for the world, that not one attack is carried out to completion in the future. As well as, prayer for our own country’s security. May our army men and women keep fighting for us, so that no matter what lies ahead, pride, faith and bravery is all we need.



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Help Japan

My favorite island in the pacific has experienced a horrific and devestating tsunami. Japan’s estimated death toll is an a shocking10,000 and several hundred thousand reported missing. Also, just two days ago another earthquake roughly rattled a different part of Japan and smaller tsunamis washing ashore but much fewer deaths than the initial tsunami almost two weeks ago. People missing, people injured, people without food, water, and electricity. I was shocked when I learned that the northeastern part of the country that I adore for their cars and technology has suffered a tragedy like this. Scenes of Hiroshima flashed in my head when I saw the vast devestation and suffering faces of the people that once called these areas home.

A photo is floating around the web of the Northeastern portion of Japan, that was hit by the tsunami, taken from outer space. It is clear to see the near disappearence of the coastal town in a side by side shot of region, before and after the disaster striked.

My man Ralph, aka GS350JPN , YouTube brother out in Japan reppin Venice, CA. I thought about you and I am glad he and his family are okay! I’m a suscriber. He’s been living in Japan for 14 years and when I heard the horrible news I immediately thought about him. He concerned about the well being of our black men here in the states and encourages young men out there to get themselves educated, travel, become entreprenuers, make money and be happy. Much love to him and the new country he calls home.

My prayers go out to Japan and all the victims families. I still hope to visit Japan one day Here’s a link to the Red Cross for your donation to help aid during this major crisis.




Photo Credit: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world