Delicious and Simple Raspberry Parfait


Here’s a sweet breakfast treat anyone can duplicate on a lazy Saturday morning. Personally, I’ve put these together for work too and let me say, it can brighten any dreaded Monday morning at the office!


What you will need:
Vanilla flavor Greek yogurt
French Vanilla Almond Granola cereal
1 small cup
1 spoon to eat this sweet and delicious treat

Be sure to layer each ingredient into a small cup. You can add many other nuts, seeds, or syrups that you may like – but this vanilla and raspberry parfait is definitely a winner in my book! I creating a blueberry parfait once but it wasn’t nearly as good as the rasberries.

Yes, it’s full of sugar because I use the Dannon Greek yogurt in Vanilla and of course the granola is sweetened too.
If anyone knows of a version with less sugar, but still tasty, please share!

Millia C



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