Why Do You Write?


I came across this question yesterday, and I thought I had to answer and share it here. I must say that I have a calling to write. As a child, I kept a diary and later did fairly well in my high school English classes. So, I choose what I thought would be my career in college, Journalism. But later I changed my major to English Linguistics. Oddly enough, I strayed away from writing in my early twenties, because I didn’t think I had an interest in it anymore. Then, just a few years ago, I felt a calling from God to return to writing. I went through much trial and error trying to find what to write about. Eventually that problem was solved and quickly lead to a wonderful discovery. I found that writing is one of the only activities that gives me a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. That’s how I knew I’d found my passion, and this is why I write.

Why do you write?

Millia C.


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