Grilled Salmon Panzanella

154 This colorful salad was my lunch choice last Saturday. Well…not exactly because there was a bit of a mix-up. I actually ordered a grilled shrimp salad. Normally I don’t order salads when I go out, because of not knowing if the lettuce is thoroughly washed. But my usual, California fish tacos weren’t calling my name for some reason? Being the paranoid patron I am, I didn’t return it, because I didn’t want anything extra, you know what I mean, on the new plate. Luckily, I like salmon and I was really hungry. So I was nice about it, when I told the server about the mix-up. On another note, the grilled salmon salad was very filling and seasoned really well. However, the dressing could have been a little more tangy, but the goat cheese and basil were really good!

If you’ve never been to Houlihan’s, they are worth trying. But make sure you order very clearly and try pointing at your meal selection as you order, to lessen the chances of not receiving your desired plate. The restaurant and bar both have a great atmosphere (Texas vs. OU game), a very friendly staff, and of course good American food made daily from scratch.


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