A Path Leading to a Purpose

Carefully walking forward in the darkness into an unfamiliar place you’ve never been. Feelings of uncertainty and fear gradually begin to dominate your mind. Or does it? Do you trust that you’re being lead into the right direction? Or, do you insist on controlling where you will go? Descriptive scenes such as this one, seem like the beginning of a scary movie only meant to give you nightmares. But it actually can symbolize the right path leading to your purpose.

I’ve experienced walking down an unfamiliar path before. Well, not in real life, but stick with me here. After doing what I saw as fit and being right, by taking the wheel and finding strength from within. I found myself at a low when things didn’t work out according to my plan. “Life’s not fair, I whined. I’m not happy.” After numerous efforts and attempts, while dusting off my shoulders, I finally got the break I was chasing after. Only to be blind-sided and taken right back to square one. Ouch, it hurt.

It wasn’t until after I changed my perception and gave up my need to control, and do as I pleased. God began to work in my life. I became quiet, listened to the still voice within, and followed the instruction. I am in no way perfect, but I now strive to follow commands as best as I can. Sure, I waited a few months for my situation to change, but in the end it was entirely worth it. Four months later, I was offered a position that would be a great opportunity to lead me into my desired career field! And it’s only the beginning. 106

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3: 5-6


2 thoughts on “A Path Leading to a Purpose

  1. Beyond trust, lies a place that silences those who would have you stop and turn around, as you set off into the unknown, surely missing… what you mustn’t. A voice unspoken, yet very much heard, brings a sense of well being as you follow. Every step heralding an awareness, your not alone nor forgotten. * smiles*
    From the smallest to the biggest, where within a seemingly unheard thought, an outright verbal decree, or an unconscious upcoming unfolding, there underfoot, the path has already been paved with tender thought and care; no lack detectable. The invisible, visible, from the vantage point of a thankful heart.
    And when its time for the chapter to end, another one starts just as profoundly… as the other one did. * heart*

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