Expand Your Horizons…Please!

“People are very open-minded about new things -as long as they are exactly like the old ones.” ~Charles F. Kettering

A new discovery can brighten your day and emerge a new perspective; maybe even if your lucky brighten your day! Being bold enough to try something unfamiliar can be scary. That is why living on the wild side, in terms of food, is so worth it! So, why not take a bite?

Recently, I’ve had the displeasure of unsuccessfully attempting to persuade a couple of people in my life to try different  types of food and activities. Now, I must admit that I am a very open-minded individual about most things and it didn’t come naturally for me either. I was cautious. Yes, it was gradual, but once I took the leap, it wasn’t so bad after all! Now please be aware that my attempts to persuade were an effort to better connect and make conversation. However, my ‘thing’ is not for everybody and that’s fine. What’s beyond my comprehension is the absolute pickiness beginning as a child, that still exists well into adulthood with some people? I realize this is a rant, but do you have any experiences with people who will not try any food or activities they’re unfamiliar with? I’m not talking about exotic food or thrill seeking, but something that is different for them. For instance, with food, maybe it’s the texture, color, or simply the fact that a vegetable is on their plate. No matter how well-seasoned, buttered up with herbs and spices, truly a party in your mouth goodness! They refuse to even take a little bite? Does this sound like you? Please share.




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