Aromatherapy…Wanna Give It A Go?

Are you thinking of unwinding from a hectic day, but you’re tired of the same ol’ wine and television routine? Try aromatherapy! It’s truly a great way to change how you feel, especially if you purchase a relaxing and calming scent like  lavender. But be careful with this one, because lavender can be incredibly sedative, at least the mineral bath version of the brand Acura Cacia. While that maybe an exaggeration, the relaxing aroma has quite a relaxing effect on your senses!

A great aromatherapy brand is Acura Cacia, because they specialize in oils that are highly plant concentrated. Also, they offer various forms of aromatic oils to suit your lifestyle -such as essential oils, massage oils, bath and body options, and friendly baby and kid choices too. I found the Lavenver Harvest mineral bath at Sprouts for a very low cost of less than $5 and became instantly hooked! I am excited to see if the energizing peppermint is as effective as the relaxing aroma of lavender!

It’s exciting to know that nature has many options to help jump start your desired mood. So if you haven’t discovered it, aromatherapy is a whole new world to experience if you are looking to add something new to your life!


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