Relieve Your Stress

Stress taking a toll on your body? If you have a job that requires you to sit all day, especially in a cubicle while staring at a computer all day long. Your work load can start to stress you out, back tension develops, and potentially unwanted weight gain from lack of movement and sitting to long. But these issues can be nearly diminished with daily practice to restore the energy high you once had before the tension started.

Here are a few tips on how to relax while at work:


  • Pay attention to your shoulders as often as possible. Remember to keep them down because as tension builds we unconsciously raise them, holding tension in our shoulders and neck.
  • Invest in a lower back pillow. A pillow promotes good posture and leads to a sustained amount of energy through out the day.
  • Practice breathing from your abdomen instead of your chest. Lower abdomen breathing cleans out toxins from the lower lungs which is better than regular breathing. Practicing this form of breathing lends to a calm relaxed feeling.
  • Drink warm beverages. Hot coffee and tea are wise choices to help release stress because of the warm fuzzy feeling they provide. But remember to stay focused on work!
  • Get up and away from your desk. Move. Take advantage of breaks when needed.
  • Isolate yourself. Some days sitting in your car, given a safe environment, can be all the relaxation you need. Listening to music, watching surroundings, being silent and getting away from the office is a good stress reliever.
  • Play with a stress ball. It’s a great mental exercise for staying alert and sharp because if used in intervals, for short periods of time, helps build a positive attitude while working.
These 7 tips are just a few tips to relax more while on the job. Its likely there are many more out there for whatever the working environment you maybe in. So, stay happy relieving stress and leave a comment on how the above tips have worked out for you. Or, if you have any more ideas that are mentioned here, please share. Thanks!



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