Leaving the Past Behind & Discovering Lessons Learned

As another year comes to an end, sales ads are running every where! News shows are reporting this year’s trends in sales, top online searches revealed, and the big moneymakers are ranked. Families start rushing to pick up gifts at the local mall, while preparations for holiday gatherings are underway. Chaos is inevitable this time of year but it’s arguably the most wonderful time of the year. However, the need to slow down is vital. Give yourself time to think for yourself and do it by yourself. Reflect back on this year’s events that effected you positively and negatively. What can be learned from these experiences?

If you have already set goals for yourself, you may want to think about your progress on those goals. Were there any setbacks? If so, try to think about what areas need more work because giving up on a goal is not always such a great idea. Especially, if it is something you really want to do. Don’t give up! Understanding the situation from an objective point of view and concentrating on the lesson that can be taken away from it, can very well lead to a new beginning. A closer step towards accomplishing a specific goal.

Sometimes looking back at positive experiences for lessons is worthwhile too. For example, let’s say a friend invites you to a restaurant to try Vietnamese food. You hesitate because you have never eaten Vietnamese before and you don’t really like trying different types of food but you accept the invitation anyway. Once you and your friend meet up at the restaurant, he or she takes it upon themselves to explain all there is to know about Vietnamese food. Plus, you discover that you like the restaurant, atmosphere, and food. Turns out you had a great time! The lesson learned, is that being open minded can broaden your awareness of the world outside of your own life and it can be fun! Because of this experience you maybe more likely to suggest new and different food ideas to others in an effort to enhance someone else’s world. Rather than sticking to the norm.

Focus on the future and what you want for yourself. It may not always be easy to find a lesson but if you look hard enough there is a lesson to be found. The past is easy to leave behind when the lesson is receives all of your attention.

Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year! Happy Holidays!


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