Breathe…1, 2, 3

We all do it, and if you are not doing it, then you’re dead. Each breath we take is obviously keeping us alive and when we take really deep breaths, it calms the nerves. But did you know where our breath comes from is essential to keeping toxins out of our bodies? Entertainment news reporter Maria Menounos, discusses a breathing method in her book, A Girl’s Guide to Life. A helpful read that provides everyday tips for balancing life’s responsibilities, health and beauty. A fantasitic read if you are looking for advice from a successful modern woman like Maria. In the book, she discusses a breathing technique that I have tried out and I must admit, it is difficult to maintain at first, however it does work. Instead of allowing your chest to rise and fall with each breath, focus on your stomach instead. Breathing from the abdomen while keeping the chest still. This helps remove toxins from your lower lungs that normal and tense breathing does not do.

It took about 5 minutes of practice until I was able to accomplish this method of breathing. Right away, I felt calm and relaxed as if I had just had a massage! Over time most people breathe from their chest and tense their abdomen because of stress and anxiety. I was tense in my mid-section too but at least my abs benefited! Be sure to check out the video for some great breathing tips!


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