Why It’s Important To Just Be Yourself

Recently I had a revelation! I must admit that as far back as I can remember, I have always admired various characteristics about other individuals throughout my life. No matter if they were false characters in movies or television, pop superstars, actresses, models, or simply other kids in school. Our society is celebrity obessesed! I admit, I fell victim to an obsession with candid photos of well knowns taken by paparazzi in gossip magazines, and websites like TMZ and Mediatakeout.com. I wondered why is this important for me to “keep up with”? It added absolutely no value to my day existance. Then, I got it! There is something that I am seeing in these people that I want to have for myself. I admired how they carried themselves, their style, who they were dating, the things they had, so on an so fourth. Please don’t misunderstand what I am saying here. Admiration didn’t mean I was a hater, who hid behind a computer typing up cruel comments for everyone to see. Instead I imitated them as best I could.

As silly as it maybe, it’s the ultimate plan of action for loosing yourself in fear that the real you is not good enough. And it doesn’t always have to be mimicing a celebrity. It could be people that are routinely seen in everyday real life situations. No matter the object of focus, my revelation is significant and useful. It truely is best to just be yourself. These “special” traits that are admired in others is not because they are like someone else out in the world, but because this admired person is unlike anyone else and they represent themselves well. They own who they are, appear comfortable with themselves, and may even “play up” traits that makes them different. Hence the reason they appear cool worth imitating. So that message can be taken, applied with authentic self expression, and a decision to simply…be yourself. A more fufilling life is on the horizon and waiting to be lived! What are your thoughts? Can you relate?



Photo Credit: images.donjuaninc.com/11-09-11-Be-Yourself.jpg


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