10 Year Anniversary of 9/11

Remembering 9/11 as Americans means asking yourself this question, “where was I when the twin towers came down, on the morning of 9/11”? A popular question forever held as the intro to a reflective conversation. It is unimaginable to have lost a loved one to the tragedies of that day, but for roughly 2,900 families the loss was real. Tonight during President Obama’s proposal for reducing the unemployment rate, it was revealed, to no surprise, that AIqueda terriorist group is planning an attack against the US on Sunday. The10 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Many Americans lost their lives in back in September 2001 and we as Americans have memorialized those who have passed in ceremonies, a memorial on the trade center site, and prayer services in the years that followed. Let’s all continue to pray for the world, that not one attack is carried out to completion in the future. As well as, prayer for our own country’s security. May our army men and women keep fighting for us, so that no matter what lies ahead, pride, faith and bravery is all we need.



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Right Place, Right Time

Life happens and blogs are left behind for a couple of months. A shame how life’s rainy seasons can steal time away from our favorite hobbies and pastimes. We are all familiar with the good, bad and ugly, but what about lessons? There really is a lesson somewhere, in the mess we all know as problems. Mistakes and misjudgements are common and must be accepted in order to move forward in life. On a rare occasion a few nights ago, I watched the OWN network. You know, the network that’s considered one of Oprah’s biggest career mistakes? Yes that one. Well I watched the hour long documentary on Oprah’s life entitled, Masterclass. It was a very inspiring show highlighting her life and career path. If you are not familiar with Oprah’s story, as a child she was raped by a family member, in later years went and graduated from college, became a journalist, and was given her own Chicago talk show that…well, you know the rest is history. The bottom line is that she worked hard, and made the greatest business deal of a life time. Oprah became the wealthiest and most influencial women in the world. The television documentary highlighted comments from her close family and friends, who shared many positive and insightful stories that happened to arrive for me at the right time. Literally. Her personal success is her story and by no means, anyone else’s. The definition of success is different for everyone but we can all learn a lot from others that have accomplished so much in their lifetimes.

So when life happens and rainy season passes yet again, find the lesson and carry with your day in the present. Life’s problems can propel you into the right direction if you know how to get back up and keep looking upwards. It’s funny how happened to stumble upon inspiration in a message that seems to be meant just for me. That’s just how I felt.

Lessons learned: Don’t dwell in the past. Focus on your goal. Look ahead and not back. Work hard and believe. No matter what you have gone through, life is about growth and living life to it’s fullest potential. Thank you Oprah!


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