Wasteful Worrying Does the Body No Good

I’m guilty, guilty of obsessing for long hours, days, weeks, and unfortunately months; over issues that I can and cannot control. Have you succumbed to this unhealthy habit? At some point in our lives even the most worry free individuals have “wasted time” stressing and worrying about certain matters but managed at some point or another to differenciate between what can and cannot be controlled. The effects of stress on the body vary vastly. I’ve experienced a sporatic twitching eyelid, lower back aches, tension headaches, increased acne, palptations, etc. These symtoms can be scary especially when the symptoms become so frequent that web searching medical conditions are the next big concern on my “things to worry” about list. Only to discover that all I need is rest and time to clear my head and suddenly these undesirable symptoms go away.

Life will always bring the unexpected, no matter big or small, mentally we have the abilty to decide how we want to handle it. Take for instance former NBA great Dennis Rodman. He has went on record stating he doesn’t worry about anything. He’s carefree, lives life by his own standards, and comforable with who he is. Clearly, he’s not the ideal role model but he does live by a motto that “worry warts” could consider adopting. If you cannot fix it, then do not worry. But if there is something that you can do about it, be optimistic, and give it your best shot. If things do not work out at least you have no regrets, hence nothing to worry about.

Stressing and worry is not a walk on the beach. Not only can your body act out as I listed above, but also your memory will suffer, work or school performance can suffer and suddenly over a certain period of time, you are not really the best you can be. That’s just sad. So starting today, pause for a moment and think about what might be bothering you today. If there is something there that could be a potential problem, ask yourself, is there anything I can do to solve this problem? If there isn’t move on and live your life. If there is, then start moving forward with an action plan to solve the problem and see what happens. Tell me your experience with worry/stress?


When Life Hands You Too Much To Juggle At Once

In life we all have something we ought to be doing, need to be doing, and should be doing. Overwhelmed by so much that chaos breaks out and hysteria is everywhere! No but really, it’s time to regroup and rid yourself of stress and worry. I am no stranger to these instances of having a full schedule. You turn left, you turn right, not knowing what direction to go in or where to begin. Welcome to adulthood right?

Let’s make a list and get organized. I prefer a weekly list, of things to do either for a single day, the week ahead or as far out as the month ahead:

  • Add an alarm to your cell phone to go off at specific time of day to serve as a reminder to do things that need to be done.
  • If the cell phone alarm does not help, consider posting a “to do list” somewhere in your house, where you can see it everyday and make changes as needed.
  • Make a priority to combine eating properly, rest, and exercise as part of your daily routine. For example, if I am mentally relaxed and clear headed, I am more likely to remain productive, energized, and focused through out the day.
  • Keep tasks in order of priority and set blocks of time to complete daily tasks.
  • Stay away from television and any other distractions.
  • Perseverance is crucial when you are juggling multiple important tasks all at once. Remember you complete more when you keep striving, otherwise nothing gets done.

If your heart is in it then results are not far behind. These are just a few words of wisdom that I have learned in recent years that I wanted to share. So, what’s your plan? What inspires you to get up and do something? Share your thoughts here.


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