Me + Social Networking

Well, ladies and gents, as of last month I decided to join everyone in the 21st century and decided to become a member of Facebook. Thank you. Thank you. What took me so long? A complacent and private lifestyle, I pledged to many years before social networking became what it is today. In many ways I am still a private person and only trust a few. I have a small social circle but it’s a quality and loyal circle I am very fond of. I find it works out best that way! However, I am having fun connecting with people on theses sites. Lately, I’ve been catching up with old friends on Facebook and viewing hundreds of photos, while keeping in mind that “all that glitters, ain’t gold,” you know the old “smoke and mirrors” sayings? It can be somewhat of a mystery behind all those smiling faces and boozing nightlife pics. But that’s a whole notha’ story.

It’s become very apparent to me how virtual stocking is as easy as 1-2-3 nowadays and that’s no good. So, I’ll continue to add to my friendlist but I won’t be anymore active than that. I may add a few hobbies, likes and what not. But no daily or weekly post unless I figure it’s “Facebook worthy”. Overall, I’m loving it and I’m glad to finally join the masses after refusing family and friend invites over the last five years. How useful is Facebook and other social networks like Twitter for you? Do you love it?

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