My Take On Getting Older

Are you afraid of the inevitable? Aging. Yes, that’s right, it’s a taboo subject to some and a money maker for others. The beauty/cosmetics industry has been creating anti-aging products for decades and showing no signs of a decline. I remember back to when I was a kid, my mom used face creams and said things like,”I have to get my beauty sleep.” Now as an anti-wrinkle preventative, it’s my turn to purchase the creams, masks, sleep on my back and purchase a silk pillow case. Today it seems the age females typically begin to panic is around age 25. Some women panic more if they’re unmarried.

Single hood at 25 was not the issue but rather asking myself this question, “Am I where at want to be at this point in my life”? The answer to my question was no. I had not reached certain goals I’d hoped to reach at that particular time. I was frightened but eventually my perspective began to change. A little time passed and I realized life cannot always go according to plan. But guess what? I wasn’t whining when I turned 27 or 28. No! Growing older grants wisdom and knowledge to those who seek it. These are all good attributes if you know how to use what’s in your head rather than what society dictates is right for you. Embracing your age helps to bring fourth a healthier mind and a happier you!

At ages 27 and 28, I’ve learned to understand that I’m still in my 20s! That was a joke. Seriously, I am my own person regardless of what anyone says or thinks. I’m living life on my own terms. Making the most out of each day and doing what I love and having fun. Besides, it can only get better from here and there’s no turning back the hands of time. We must look forward and make opportunities to enhance our lives. What are your thoughts on aging? Are you fearful of aging? Fill me in.