Aspiring Cook Seeking Delightful Bliss

Who knew I had aspirations of becoming a good cook and hosting gatherings? It gives me great statisfaction to create a meal that makes people happy and brings a smile upon someone’s face. A few years ago, after I graduated from college, I purchased a couple of used cookbooks from Half Price Books and did a little dabbling in the kitchen. Unfortunately, I became distracted by life and the desire to cook was quickly sidelined. However, twelve months ago I dabbled again with a new receipe book. I made some dishes that really shocked not only myself but also my mom by how good they were! I don’t particulary have any favorites yet but my chicken pot pie came out pretty good! As well as the spinach and chicken enchiladas, beef vegetable stir-fry, quesadillas, sweet pecan carrots, hamburgers, and parmesan chicken with pasta and vegetables. I’m slowly learning that cooking with a little love, concentration, and the will to “get it right” actually works far better than my baking skills.

I will continue sharing videos of myself demonstrating simple and tasty recipes in the near future. Besides, if I’m going to get to the level I want most, practice makes perfect right? I’m excited about this new hobby of mine! I especially enjoy making main dishes along with sides and appertizers. I’m not so much of a sweets fan at the moment. Although, that was my thing as a child. My dream is to prepare food for a major game watching party, such as Sunday football, or the Super Bowl. The menu would include various dips, wings, slidders, pizza -you name it! Share your favorites with me! What do you like to make?

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