Office No Nos (Hate Your Job)?

Ladies and Gents. We all want to vent from time to time, complain going in and out of positive and negative mood swings.Then, learning to appreciate our jobs when that payroll deposit comes through every pay period. Meanwhile, others out there have long been searching for employment. We ought to appreciate but rather we take fortune for granted.

You steady feel that emptiness inside of you when you pull into your parking space in the morning. It’s a horrible idea and a huge mistake to voice negative opinions to others at work concerning your job, because it can and more than likely will hurt you. However, if you are certain to land another position some place else then by all means don’t hold back and express yourself to release frustration. But if you are stuck and must work on improving a skill set before transitioning into a different role. Vent to your significant other, friends, and family. Keep your profile clean and positive. You’ll create a positive reputation that will take you farther in the end. Play nice. Don’t participate in office gossip. Avoid negative Nellys, they only make you feel worse than you already may feel. Consider keeping to yourself if that is the only safe bet but always greet co-workers. It can go along way! Keep a balance an even balance of social and work time so you don’t pull out your hair by the end of the day before buring rubber in the parking lot. I know this madness all too well -steady preparing over the last year and a half. Waiting  for the right opportunity to come along and continue my path to truth.


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Any stories out there? Please share.


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