My, My, My, I’ve Got Butterflies!!!

Anticipation is no fun. Especially, when the wait is before speaking in front of a group of people. One of my weaknesses is my discomfort speaking in front of groups. The mind boggling issue is that I can clearly imagine myself speaking articulately, enthusiastically, and confidently. But when reality hits, my nerves always seem to get the best of me. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t use the word “always” because I don’t often put myself in these public speaking situations. I haven’t spoken in front of a large group of people since my first year of college and even back then my nerves weren’t nearly as bad as they are now. I was fresh due to taking speech class in school and having given many presentations. But today in the “work world” the subject matter is entirely different. Not such a big deal? The fact of the matter is my public speaking skills need major work! I’m thinking of signing up for Toastmasters…hmm…eliminate self-consciousness, quivering, monotone voice; sounds like a plan! Okay, I won’t bash myself too much on this subject because I do have strengths which include voice volume, great eye contact and interesting subject matter. I want to do a better job at being myself, comfortable, and natural. Because once my nerves take over, I’m hidden and the real me is in a shell. Any frightful or funny public speaking stories out there?

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